Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N Train - Fort Hamilton Pkwy (Day 6, stop #254)

Out: This stop is now much less Chinese, even though there are still plenty of signs around in the language.  However, there is also a Halal meat market, and I see some white, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic people around.  In general, also, there are many fewer people on the streets as at 8 Ave., as it’s not a busy intersection.  There are gardening, lighting, and plumbing stores here along with delis.  There are also a couple of acupuncture places with signs in Korean and Chinese.  The housing is mostly red brick apartments with some red brick row houses; it looks pretty residential.  Also Ft. Hamilton Parkway here is a normal surface street, as opposed to the larger street on the F line.

In: This stop is still at street level, and the station is similar to 8 Av. with lots of peeling paint.  Here the concrete goes up the whole side of the wall, with no railing on the Coney Island-bound side.  There are still trees next to the track.  There are concrete green columns with small circles connecting them; this is the only nice decorative touch in the station.