Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R Train - 45 St. (Day 6, stop #246)

Out: Back in Sunset Park here.  It’s raining hard and it’s pretty miserable outside.  This will definitely restrict my photo taking today.  The neighborhood here is clearly predominantly Mexican; there are Mexican restaurants and money-sending places.  There is a Chinese restaurant and bakery, but with a sign in Spanish.  There’s also a deli and some other small stores.  Almost everyone around here looks Mexican/Hispanic, but there are a couple of European-looking people and a couple of Asians.  The housing here is primarily row houses and small apartment buildings in brick, with a couple of brownstones nearby.

In: This underground is station is similar to the other local stations along the 4th Ave line.  It has large rectangular tiles in white, and the colored tiles are grey here.  There are large puddles of standing water in the station, which I of course proceed to step directly in.  There are round green columns by the platform.  The mezzanine is fairly large here.  The layout is two platforms facing each other with express bypass tracks for the N.