Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N/Q/R/W Trains - 42 St.-Times Sq. (Day 5, stop #245)

OutTimes Sq. here is crowded with tourists, shoppers, and workers of all types.  Surprisingly, it is actually less packed than Herald Square, though.  

However, there is still the usual and expected Times Sq. craziness, with its overloaded mess of flashy buildings and attention-catching advertisements.

In: The platform itself is very similar to that at 34 St., but it’s slightly dirtier.  The color scheme is blue and green.  There is a very large mezzanine here at Times Square, with lots of passageways and open areas for transfers to the other trains on a couple of levels.  In one wall made of green frosted glass, there are strange little insets of tile, depicting aspects of Broadway and other Times Sq. scenes.  There is also Lichtenstein-style pop art near the escalators up to the street.