Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N/Q/R/W Trains - 34 St.-Herald Sq. (Day 5, stop #244)

Out: Herald Square here is shockingly crowded.  It’s difficult to even reposition myself on the sidewalk to take a picture.  

The people out are mostly shoppers, hitting the plethora of large stores along 34 St. here, including Macy’s and the Manhattan Mall.  There’s also plenty of commuters and lots of traffic, as it’s rush hour.  There are also lots of Koreans going over to K-town. The streets are packed!  I directed some people to Penn Station in German, which is my second mitzvah of the day.

In: The layout here is two platform, four track with express access.  The platform floor is tiled, and there is white tile on the walls.  One of my favorite subway features, this station has the musical instrument that plays various tones when you move your hand around in its vicinity.  There are mosaic tile “34”s on the side walls, but no pictures like at previous local stations.  The metal columns on the platform are painted burgundy, and there’s a large mezzanine that allows for transfer to the 6th Ave. line; there are some performers on this mezzanine area.  To transfer, though, you have to go down a bunch of ramps which is pretty annoying.  Also, it’s abnormally hot in this station.