Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q Train - Parkside Ave. (Day 6, stop #276)

Out:  The stop here is right on the edge of Prospect Park, but pretty different than 15 St. on the F, on the west side.  Here the neighborhood looks pretty rough, and there are only fast food places, cleaners, etc.  Nothing looks to be in good condition, including the tenements which form the primary type of housing here.  There is lots of graffiti covering many of the available surfaces.  Ethnically the area looks almost all black/African/Caribbean.

In:  This station is now underground, with just one platform and one track (can’t see other tracks).  The station was renovated at some point, but now has 70’s style tiles on the walls but newer-looking tile floors as well as some tile artwork depicting leaves.  The walls of the platform are partly tiled but partly only have peeling paint.  There is a window that looks down onto the tracks from a fairly large station house.  Also, there are red octagonal arches by the platform, connected by arches.