Thursday, April 30, 2009

B/Q Trains - Church Ave. (Day 6, stop #275)

Out:  Directly outside the station here is a shopping strip with many discount stores (i.e. Payless Shoes, 99¢ store), bodegas, fast food, and cheap Chinese.  Ethnically this area is almost entirely black/African.  However, it doesn’t seem too rough a neighborhood, but it is kind of crowded.  The housing is mostly red brick tenements or other small apartment buildings in red brick.  Quite the contrast from Beverley Rd., only one stop away.

In:  This station has a real 70’s vibe, with off white square tiles covering the outside of the station and the walls of the mezzanine and stairwell.  The actual station is partially underground and partially in the cut.  The underground portion has only black walls and no tiling, while the outside portion has concrete walls painted off-white.  There are large circular columns on the platform, and unusual back-lit station signs in white lettering on a black background.  The layout is two platform, four track with local and express access.