Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q Train - Beverly Rd. (Day 6, stop #274)

Out:  Right outside the stop are some huge, stately homes on a tree-lined street.  It’s practically like the suburbs! I had no idea this was over here, I’m really blown away.  In addition to these beautiful homes there are also some well-maintained 4-6 story brick apartment buildings.  The neighborhood is very residential, and there are no businesses near the stop.  The neighborhood seems a bit more black/African, perhaps some more Hispanic as well.  There are also a few whites around, perhaps including some gentrifiers. 

In:  The stop here is similar to Cortelyou Rd., but part of the platform still remains unrenovated, though, and there are plenty of places where the roof is leaking.  The station is still “in the cut” and the platform is very narrow.  Still two platform, four track layout with express bypass.