Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q Train - Cortelyou Rd. (Day 6, stop #273)

Out:  There are some nice separated homes near the stop, with elm trees lining the side streets.  There is also one particularly large four-column house in grey brick.  On Cortelyou itself there are some great brick row houses.  Near the stop there are some small stores, a deli, a bagel place, and supermarket that’s going out of business.  

There are lots of Middle Eastern people, South Asian muslims, some blacks, some Hispanic, and few white/European.  This part of Ditmas Park looks to be a very pleasant, primarily residential, middle class neighborhood.

In:  The station is “in the cut”, but it’s actually nice! A surprising change.  There are white tiles on part of the wall nearest the exit, as well as mosaic tiling for the station name.  The station house is tiny but gorgeous, with decorated glass windows overlooking the track, glass skylights over the stairs, carved wooden benches, and new tile on the floors.  This could be the best station I’ve seen so far; maybe not as monumental as Coney Island, but impressive in its intimacy.