Thursday, April 30, 2009

B/Q/S Trains - Prospect Park (Day 6, stop #277)

Out:  The immediate surroundings of the stop here are pretty desolate.  There is the Phat Albert Wholesale warehouse right here.  Its previous incarnation had use of clocktower, but the entire clock face has now disappeared from the building (see photo).  

There’s a Wendy’s, a deli, and some gas stations.  The stop is also right next to Prospect Park, but not too much activity in there on a rainy day like this.  It’s also relatively close to the Botanic Garden.  Outside the station there is a large painted mural of animals and plants, as well as a nice metal façade that says “Prospect Park”.  It’s hard to tell who lives around here, as it mostly seems kind of industrial/warehouse-y near the station.  In the distance I can see some large apartment towers.  The few people I see are black, but I can’t tell if it’s more mixed or not.

In:  Here there is a five track setup, and the station is part in the cut and part covered.  There is one track reserved for the two-car Franklin Park Shuttle (S Train).  Otherwise there is the local and express access for the Q and B lines.  The station is pretty crappy, with a flat roof over green metal columns.  There partially covered part as well as the station house has peeling paint and a leaky roof.  The cement walls of the station are unpainted and growing moss.  There is surprisingly little graffiti here, though.