Thursday, April 30, 2009

B/Q Trains - 7 Ave. (Day 6, stop #278)

Out:  Now at the intersection of 7 Av. and Flatbush Ave., on the border of Park Slope and Prospect Heights.  Suddenly, there are tons of white people!  They seem to be a mix of Brooklynites and gentrifiers here.  Also there are still a good number of black people, but not a huge amount.  There are many nice brownstones and row houses on the side streets in the immediate vicinity of the station.  

Flatbush Ave. itself has lots of traffic, and on this main drag there is a coffee shop as well as the “Flatbush Pavilion” in an old movie theater.  Nearby there are also some converted factories/warehouses.  

In:  The station here is now underground.  The layout is two platform, two track facing each other.  There are white tiles on the wall and tile mosaic station name, in OK condition.  The ceilings here are surprisingly tall, and the mezzanine is fairly large.