Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q Train - Neck Rd. (Day 6, stop #266)

Out:  This area is very residential-looking, but not particularly pleasant.  The people I see seem to be a mix of Chinese, Russian, white, Middle Eastern, and South Asian.  The residential parts seem to be mostly houses and low-slung apartment buildings.  The streets are kind of dirty, and there are only a few small businesses around.  Overall the surroundings here just feel a bit empty.  Only the “Anyway Café”, which looks kind of fun, adds a bit of character to the stop.

In:  The station is barely elevated above the street.  The station house is actually on the street level, and then it’s just one flight of stairs up to the platform.  The station house here looks old with off-white tiles, but the red brick on the outside looks pretty decent.  On the platform there are metal off-white ridged panels on top of flat panels of some color.  The platform is surprisingly narrow, and there are no columns by the platform edge.  There are trees growing right next to the platform.  I can’t see over the side, either, as the paneling extends the entire length of the platform.  The layout is two platform, four track with express bypass.