Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q Train - Ave. U (Day 6, stop #267)

Out:  Here there is a mix of signage in Russian and Chinese.  There are many small businesses, including a salon, foot doctor, bakery, deli.  The neighborhood still looks a bit run down here.  There are mostly two-story row houses in brick or siding, and some small apartment buildings in brick.  The people around are mostly Asian or white, but there are a few black and Hispanic people around as well.  It went to Kingly II Bakery and got a weird bun with corn and sour cream…it was pretty unappetizing, but I didn’t feel so bad about tossing the majority of it since it only cost 60¢.  Also after seeing so many Chinese bakeries today it’s good I finally went to one, I think.

In:  Similar to Neck Rd., except the staircases to the exit are very narrow along with the platforms.