Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q Train - Kings Highway (Day 6, stop #268)

Out:  Here the Q train again cuts across a bunch of streets (instead of just running along one Avenue), so the station house exits right underneath the overpass of the tracks.  This is a busy commercial stretch here, with lots of delis and small groceries along with other retail and restaurants and the “LIBS” beauty school.  There are still some signs in Russian here, but fewer in Chinese.  However, there are still plenty of Asians around, along with some Hispanic and whites.  This neighborhood looks a bit less run-down than the neighborhood near Ave. U.  The housing is a mix of some tenements, some houses, and some small apartment buildings.  Also, it started raining harder again.  Awesome.

In:  This station has some funny pseudo-hieroglyphics painted in blue and orange on metal panels at the entrance of the station; many of the symbols seem to refer to the subway, but it’s not really clear why this artwork is at this station in particular.  There are brown square tiles in the mezzanine which are in ok condition.  The layout is two platform, four track with local and express access and no side walls.  The station is generally in decent condition.