Thursday, April 30, 2009

B/Q Trains - Sheepshead Bay (Day 6, stop #265)

Out: Outside the stop here there are still plenty of Russian shops as well as some Italian establishments; there are also some fairly upscale clothing stores.  Surprisingly, there are also some office buildings here mixed with the retail.  There are plenty of nail places and small pharmacies.  I stopped to get a slice of pizza at Gino’s, which was nothing to write home about, but it was serviceable.  There are lots of ~6 story red brick tenements around, as well as some smaller houses on the side streets.  There are some homeless people walking around, as well as people in professional attire.  The people next to stop are pretty mixed, but it might just be people getting off the bus here and do not really reflect the makeup of neighborhood.

In: This station looks pretty renovated.  The bathroom here also does not have any homeless guys in it, which is great, but there is some suspicious standing water on the floor.  The mezzanine is good-sized, a little more cramped than at Brighton Beach, but still ok.  The platform narrows toward the ends, and the awning covers ~3/4 of the platform length; it is supported by green metal columns.  The roof here is convex instead of concave as at the previous stops.  There are no walls again, so I can see of the side, but there is not really that much to see.  There are some nice lampposts with rectangular pyramidal housings for the lamps, which is kind of interesting.