Tuesday, April 21, 2009

B/Q Trains - Brighton Beach (Day 6, stop #264)

Out:  There are lots of signs in Russian over here, including department stores, restaurants, ect.  Plenty of Russian people as well, but near the stop here it still is a bit mixed, as I saw some Asian, South Asian, and black people on the streets.  The intersection itself is quite busy, with a lot of businesses.  The housing near the stop is mostly tenements in brick, plus some smaller buildings.  Also, the rain has almost stopped, hallelujah.

In:  Two platform, four track layout with local and express access; this is the last stop for the B train.  There is a narrow black column in the middle of the platform to support the concave sloped roof, which is also black.  Because of the layout I can again see over the side.  The mezzanine and the stairs down the street have been renovated.  When I came back in to leave, I tried to use the bathroom and was pretty disgusted to see a homeless guy sleeping on the floor of the bathroom (that was gross on multiple levels).  Needless to say, I did not use this one.