Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Q Train - Ocean Pkwy (Day 6, stop #263)

Out:  The eleveated train supports here are huge concrete arches that span over Ocean Parkway.  The stop is also in the middle of the expansive, red brick Brighton housing complexes.  There is a Met supermarket, Duane Reade (with the pharmacy sign in Russian), and the Gambrinus Beer Bar.  There are trees in the median of Ocean Parkway, and the large housing blocks look well-maintained.  Also the rain is finally lightening up…I really hope it stops soon.

In:  This station is elevated and outdoors.  The mezzanine is totally renovated, and is a pretty good size for an elevated station.  The platforms are being renovated, but the layout is two platform, four track with access to local and express.  The middle tracks are being worked on, though, so only the outside local tracks are in use. There are also no walls over the side there’s a good view out to the water, but the middle side of the platform is totally covered by blue wood.  Most people on the street here are white/Russian, with only a few blacks around.  The station has antique-looking blue metal lamps with large globes, which is kind of cool; however, many of the globes are currently missing, which partly spoils the effect.