Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N/R Trains - 59 St. (Day 6, stop #248)

Out:  The housing is here is mostly all three to four story apartment buildings in brick.  There are a few brownstones down the side streets.  This is not a major intersection, and 59 St. is pretty small.  There is a mix of Mexican and Puerto Rican restaurants, bodegas, bakeries, barber shop, etc.  There is a schoolyard right at the corner, but it’s unoccupied because of the rain.  There’s a liquor store here, but the neighborhood doesn’t look that rough.  The neighborhood is still mostly Hispanic, but there are some more Asians around than at previous stops.

In: Two platform, four track layout with local and express access.  The station is still underground.  There are metal yellow columns on both sides of the platform, and white tilework along with mosaic tiling in yellow. The tiling, though, looks pretty old and could use a good cleaning.  The floor is concrete and dirty as well.  A deep puddle of water is directly next to the turnstiles, making leaving without soaking my feet even more an impossibility.