Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R Train - Bay Ridge Ave. (Day 6, stop #249)

Out:   This neighborhood looks a bit nicer than the previous stops.  There are a couple of semi-upscale restaurants, including one with a shady-looking dude with slicked-back hair, standing outside and smoking a cigar.  There’s a Rite Aid, orthopedic spa, some signs in Chinese and Spanish.  It’s a bit more mixed here between Hispanic, white, and Asian.  The housing is mostly small brick apartments, with some houses in the brownstone style but with grey brick facades.  There is a church with a nice clock tower ~1 block over.  It’s actually an interesting stop, architecturally; too bad it’s raining and I don’t have any good place to take cover and get some photos.

In:  Similar to 45 St., with a blue color scheme.  Now, though, there are no express tracks, just two platforms facing each other with two tracks.  Also there is less standing water in here, which is an improvement.