Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - Queensboro Plaza (Day 7, stop #286)

Out:  This area now seems mostly black and Hispanic, which is a bit of a transition, but there are still some white people around as well as various office workers.  

On the street level, the approaches to the Queensboro Bridge as well as the elevated train tracks dominate.  

There are some small businesses, factories converted into apartments, and functioning factories/warehouses in the immediate vicinity.  

There’s also a gentleman’s club nearby, some new condos going up, and a building that belongs to MetLife.  Surprisingly, there really are not that many people around in an area which I assumed would be pretty busy on a work day.

In:  This station has two levels as both the 7 and N/W lines converge here.  The upper level is for the outbound trains further into Queens, while the lower level is for Manhattan-bound trains.  On the top level there is a single platform with two tracks, one to Flushing and one to Astoria.  There is no wall here so there’s a good view off the side; it’s possible to see into Manhattan as well as the surrounding factories, old apartments, and new condos.  The lower level ha sa view through the windows, and otherwise the walls are grey metal.  There isn’t as much light on this level.  There are interesting high-backed wood-slat benches for seating on the platform.  There is some mosaic tiling on the mezzanine, and long walkways to cross over the street underneath and finally exit the station; in order to get to the street, I walk through a small shopping center at the end of the walkway.