Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - 45 Rd.-Court House Sq. (Day 7, stop #285)

Out:  The architecture here is still very low-slung.  There are old factories and small apartments.  

The station is next to P.S.1 and close to the huge Citi Tower, which is really the only skyscraper anywhere near here.  

There are brick row houses on the tree-lined side streets, and they look to be in good condition.  

The people around seem to be a mix of white and Hispanic.  Nearby there’s a restaurant, a diner, sign store, a video store, pizza place, and taxi academy.  

There is a bit of gentrification going on over here.

In:  The station here is now elevated.  There’s a great view of the Manhattan skyline on the ride over, as well as lots of graffiti on the buildings nearby (I actually think this elaborate graffiti is sanctioned and allowed over here).  In the station, there are white ridged walls with narrow metal columns.  The platform is pretty wide.  The walls extend the length of the platform so I can’t see over the side.  The mezzanine is concrete-floored.