Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - 33 St.-Rawson St. (Day 7, stop #287)

Out:  The exit here is in the middle of Queens Blvd.  There are large concrete archways supporting the elevated train here.  

The area here is pretty empty; there are mostly factories and some small offices.  There is plenty of traffic on Q.B., and there are a couple of small restaurants, delis, an Avon building, and not much else besides some industrial-type buildings.  

I can’t really tell who lives around here.  MoMA QNS is nearby - this was the home of all of MoMA when it was undergoing renovations a couple years ago.

In:  On the way over, the train passes by the NJ Transit yards.  The station itself is quite interesting; the platform walls are concrete painted white, with green metal frames and thick wavy glass windows.  There is also some stained glass here.  The station house has white tiles and stained glass; it’s also pretty big for an elevated station. There is a small area to see over the side of the platform.  The layout is two platform, three track for one-way express bypass.