Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - 111 St. (Day 7, stop #295)

Out:  This neighborhood looks a bit rough, and there are some shady looking characters hanging out near the stop.  Near the stop there’s a Mexican restaurant, and Roosevelt Ave. has a lot of small stores under the tracks, including restaurants, a coffee house, deli, C-town, and cheap furniture store.  The area is mostly residential down the side streets, though, with a mix of tenements and row houses, but despite its residential nature it doesn’t look particularly calm or pleasant.  It seems to be almost all Hispanic here.

In:  This station looks old, with a small mezzanine, peeling paint, and off-white metal panels on the platform walls.  There are blue metal columns on the platform.  The setup here is two platform, three track with small dividers between tracks.  The station is pretty crappy overall, and I can see over the short railings at the end of the platform.