Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - Willets Pt.-Shea Stadium (Day 7, stop #294)

Out:  There’s a Mets game going on tonight!  There are many people exiting to go to the game at Shea, which is right next to the stop.  The new Citi Field is also under construction right next to the existing stadium.  

There are some business in the distance, on the path from the 7 to Shea.  There is also a long wooden boardwalk over to Arthur Ashe Stadium and Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, as well as the LIRR station.  

There really isn’t any residential building next to the stop, just the park, and it’s hard to tell who (if anyone) lives around here.

In:  This station is elevated again.  There are extra large exits available, with turnstile control but monitored by guards, to accommodate crowds here for Mets games and the U.S. Open.  There is an unusual three track, three platform setup with train access at many points, to both local and express, to accommodate large crowds of people.  The panels on the side walls are grey, and there are green metal columns on the platform.  There are very long concrete ramps for access to the Manhattan-bound track.