Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - 103 St.-Corona Plaza (Day 7, stop #296)

Out:  There is a small grassy area outside the station; maybe this counts as Corona Plaza? If so, though, it’s kind of pitiful.  There are lots of small stores around here, including electronics, nails, and pharmacies.  The area is still predominantly Hispanic, but there are some more Asians and other ethnicities than at 111 St.  The housing here is primarily small apartment buildings.  

There are lots of trucks with the “Medanzas” logo parked on the block under the El.  The road is stripped of asphalt to do some construction work, but the effect adds to the 3rd-world feel in this part of Queens.
In:  There is a short railing and a good view covering about half the platform length here.  The paint job and green metal columns are in better shape than 111 St., but otherwise similar.