Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Train - Rockaway Blvd. (Day 4, stop #165)

OutThe intersection here is busy, with lots of trucks and traffic; Woodhaven/Cross Bay Boulevard is really big.  The underside of the El tracks here are metal and high up.  Ethnically, it’s mixed, with blacks, Hispanics, whites, and a surprising number of Indians.  Modell’s and P.C. Richards look relatively new.  There’s a crowd of old, grizzled dudes outside the OTB.

In: Could see a bunch of abandoned tracks running under the Lefferts line on the way over from Acqueduct stop.  Interesting.  The platform here has swinging benches, which I haven’t seen before.  The awning covers almost the whole platform, there is metal with vertical ridges on both sides, and the layout is 2 plat, 3 track with express bypass.  The paint is peeling, and there are green metal columns under the awning.  There are two entrances at far end of platform up some tall metal stairs.