Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Train - Acqueduct-N. Conduit (Day 4, stop #164)

Out: Exit onto N. Acqueduct Ave., a busy thoroughfare but not much else; no commercial activity around.  Just traffic.  Other than that, it seems pretty residential but can’t really see too many residences.  I take a quick walk to within sight distance of the Acqueduct Racetrack and take a photo.

In: This station house has to be one of the ugliest around.  The southbound platform has lots of plants and weeds growing all the way up the sides of the platform, and there is no partition to block the view.  There’s also no bench and just a tiny awning.  The northbound side is a bit better, but still lots of peeling paint (especially in the stairwell) and plenty of plant life.  There aren’t even metal panels on the side of the platform; instead there is just concrete that has been painted over repeatedly to hide graffiti (but not particularly effectively in many places). The station house looks ok, but smells kind of damp.