Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Train - Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd. (Day 4, stop #166)

OutDamn, it’s Little India!  And I had no idea this was the case.  The majority of people here are definitely Indian, with some black and Hispanic.  The buildings are mostly two story houses, apartments, and buildings.  

There’s plenty of commercial stuff, too.  

Surprisingly, I don’t see an exclusively Indian restaurant, but there is Singh’s West Indian Roti Shop.  

Also there are a large number of places that seem West Indian but run by people of East Indian descent (i.e. Trinidadian or Guyanese Indian).  There’s also a sari and lenga center as well as many place selling Halal meats.

In: It’s a typical end-of-the-line station, with one platform and two tracks.  It’s in ok condition, with metal side walls.  I walked down Liberty Ave. to reach 111 St. for return trip.