Tuesday, March 3, 2009

S Train - Beach 98 St-Playland (Day 4, stop #160)

Out: On the walk towards the station, it’s clear that the houses are a little more modest over here, but in general things are still pretty built up.  I saw some white kids playing with black kids, which is always a good sign of a neighborhood.  I might have seen one of the kids’ moms speaking Russian or Ukrainian.  Some of houses have four front doors, one for each unit in the building.

In: This station is similar to Beach 105 St., with a chain link fence in addition to the railing at the east end of the platform.  I’m not exactly sure why it’s there, but maybe to prevent people hanging over the edge and graffiting up the side of the track?  There is a big group of kids being rowdy in the station, which is annoying me.  There are also a lot of gulls and other seabirds around.