Tuesday, March 3, 2009

S Train - Beach 105 St.-Seaside (Day 4, stop #159)

Out: On the N. side, there is some type of pumping station, and on the south there is a Key Foods and a parking lot.  There are also big apartment buildings overlooking the water.  I walked down to the beach (the Atlantic Ocean side) from this stop and then over to Beach 98 St. (the train comes so infrequently, I figured it wouldn’t be too much slower; plus I could check out the beach).  I was pleasantly surprised to find a real wooden boardwalk here, and a beach ~75 yards wide going down to the ocean.  
There is a lifeguard on duty, and the beach looks pretty decent; even on this foggy workday there are some people out enjoying it.  
I also saw a girl in Orthodox dress playing tennis against a backstop (see Photo).

In: Like other A stops on the Rockaway branch, but smells a little worse and the paint is peeling a little more.  There are big, curving arched lamps here, with some partial renovations going on.  There is no cover on the stairwell up to the station, which is a little surprising.