Tuesday, March 3, 2009

S Train - Beach 90 St.-Holland (Day 4, stop #161)

OutRight next to tracks there is a new set of “luxury condominiums” being built across the street from a decrepit, falling-down building.  That is kind of funny.  There are other buildings, some even in worse condition.  However, there are a number of nice-looking stores on Rockaway Beach Blvd, just one block away.  There’s a CVS, C-Town, Rockaway Beach Inn (“RBI’s”).  Maybe a little Puerto Rican, European, and white over here.

In: Like other stations on this branch, with some more weeds growing on the track.  But there’s no bench on the platform!  Pretty bad…maybe there are ones at the other stations, but I didn’t notice.  I just really wanted to sit down right now.  This station also smells like urine…do they ever clean these stations out here?