Tuesday, March 3, 2009

L Train - Sutter Ave. (Day 4, stop #195)

Out:  At the intersection of Sutter and Van Sinderen Aves.  The area here is still pretty empty, but at the corner there’s a deli, three new two-family houses, and two renovated row houses.  Other than that, I can see the tracks for another train, a furniture store, and a pipe distribution company.  There are also some shady back alleys, but at least the stop doesn’t open onto them like at Livonia Ave.  I can see some housing complexes that look like projects about a block away.  Ethnically the neighborhood looks mostly black.

In:  This station is now higher above the street, and I need to descend a few flights to get to the street.  The station house is small but is in good shape and appears recently renovated.