Tuesday, March 3, 2009

L Train - Atlantic Ave. (Day 4, stop #196)

All I can see here are big roads, on ramps, and the LIRR tracks. However, from the platform I do get a great view of this part of Brooklyn and overall picture of the surrounding squalor. This includes plenty of razor wire, abandoned apartments, run-down row houses, a few big dudes on the street, and warehouses. However, there is a Quality Inn being built right by here, for some reason totally unbeknownst to me. There are also a couple of newer-looking apartments visible as well as one nice church. Since there’s no one else around I took a couple photos of the surroundings in the fading light.

In: This station really creeps me out, but in a different way than Livonia Ave. It has a complete maze of exits, it’s unrenovated, and there is no one else either coming or going from the train. There are long tunnels to get outside, but the booth agent can’t really see anything that’s happening in the station. Plenty of place for someone to lurk around in here…I’m definitely a bit nervous walking through it. Plus it smells bad and there are lots of leaks, and the paint is peeling both inside the station as well as on the awning over the platform. Clearly the L train past Broadway Junction is not a place I will want to return to. The platform itself has one platform and two tracks, so there are no walls and a good view outside. Next to the functional tracks, there are also two other tracks and one platform which are clearly abandoned and not in use.