Tuesday, March 3, 2009

L Train - Livonia Ave. (Day 4, stop #194)

Out:  This is the scariest station I encounter on all my journeys.  The small station house opens directly onto a tiny back alley.  I can see a few kids playing ball about three blocks away, but otherwise there are no living souls around.  To one side there are some empty lots, and to the other are stacked, graffiti-ed up shipping containers.  I can’t see any houses or any businesses.  I get back on the train real quick…I feel like I could get murdered out here and no one would hear me scream.

In:  The station is similar to New Lots Ave. in general.  The station here crosses right under the tracks for the 3 train.  It’s actually possible to take a really long catwalk and walk over to the Junius St. stop, but I’m definitely not about to do that (also it’s not a free transfer, plus I would like to make it back to Manhattan alive).