Tuesday, March 3, 2009

F Train - Fort Hamilton Pkwy. (Day 5, stop #201)

Out:  This stop is at the intersection of two major streets.  The exit onto Ft. Hamilton Parkway is a weird ramp right outside of the overpass, but there is nothing much there except a guy selling papers.  

I walked up the ramp and ended up outside a park and a small school.  

The houses are mostly low-slung row houses in brick, but there are also some taller, well-maintained apartment buildings across Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.  The people here seem mostly white (but not gentrifiers) as well as some Hispanic.

In:  There are two platforms facing each other here.  The walls are covered in white tiles, and “Ft. Hamilton Parkway” is in mosaic tile in a few places, with a burgundy and yellow color scheme.  The platform is curved, and there are white tiled columns by the platform edge.  There is no big mezzanine here, just exits two flights above the platform.