Tuesday, March 3, 2009

F Train - 15 St.-Prospect Park (Day 5, stop #200)

Out:  The exit I get out at is right next to one of the corners of Prospect Park.  There are still plenty of white people around, especially those exercising in the park, but there are also some black people.  

The houses here are a little more non-descript, but some really nice white row houses overlook the park (see photo).  

There are also many four-story apartment buildings along with a well-maintained old movie house.  On a sunny day, this spot right here is really quite beautiful.

In:  This station has a one platform, two track layout, for trains in both directions.  The lighting is ok, and there is a very long mezzanine which allows for access to many different exits through long tunnels.  The mezzanine level is covered in old square white tiles, as are the walls of the platform.  There are square columns with tile covering on both sides of the platform, and a yellow tile stripe running down the middle of the platform wall. The tiles are falling off the wall in a bunch of places.  The station name is only painted on the tile.