Tuesday, March 3, 2009

F Train - 7 Ave. (Day 5, stop #199)

Out:  This is a very pleasant corner of southern Park Slope.  There are real estate places, upscale delis, and very nicely maintained brownstones.  

The Brooklyn Burger Bar is right on the corner.  Most of the people here are white, but they are not as young as at the previous two stops (excluding the fact that some of them have kids with them); there are some Asian people, too.  Some people are riding bikes around, which is very Brooklyn-y.  

In:  Two platform, four track setup with express bypass.  There is a long tunnel covered with white tiles to reach the 7 Av. exit, and the mezzanine extends for a long way.  This underground station seems very expansive.  There are small white tiles on the walls and yellow columns in the middle of the platform.  The station is not in great condition, but it’s not that bad.