Tuesday, March 3, 2009

F Train - Church Ave. (Day 5, stop #202)

Out:  This neighborhood looks a little bit rougher on first glance, as I see some 99¢ stores and delis, but upon further inspection is still seems pretty middle class and the houses look well-maintained.  

The intersection is pretty busy with lots of establishments.  The area seems more Hispanic, but there is also a mix of black, Asian, white (including some Europeans), and South Asian.  There’s also a Bangladeshi hair dresser along with other signs in Bengali, but for some reason I don’t see that many South Asian people around at this time of morning.  

There is already some guy drinking at Dearny’s Bar…that’s what you call an eye-opener for alcoholics.  

In:  Two platform, four track layout for local and express stops.  The platform walls are covered in white tiles, some of which are falling off, as well as a burgundy tile stripe down the length of the wall.  The mezzanine is long but access is restricted because of construction work.  The booth area is wide and well-lit, and there is a long tiled tunnel with concrete floors to reach the Church & McDonald exit.