Wednesday, March 4, 2009

F Train - Ditmas Ave. (Day 5, stop #203)

Out:  Now in the Kensington Park neighborhood.  The buildings are mostly low, with some multi-family homes and some shops.  There are some signs with Hebrew lettering (likely in Yiddish), and others with Cyrillic lettering (likely in Russian).  There is a laundry place with a mural painted on the side.  

The people I see are a mix of East Asian, South Asian, and European; and interesting mix.  The area doesn’t look particularly well-off, but definitely not dangerous or anything.

In:  The station is now elevated again.  The mezzanine floor and stairs leading up are wooden and creaky, not in great condition.  The platform has ridged metal panels with peeling paint and no columns on the awning, just metal cantilevers from the wall.  The booth area is small and cramped.