Wednesday, March 4, 2009

F Train - 18 Ave. (Day 5, stop #204)

Out:  There are low-slung buildings here, some apartments, a pharmacy, deli, and “Mendelsohn’s”.  

Ethnically, the neighborhood seems to be quite a mix of Asians, Europeans, Orthodox, Hispanic, and South Asian.  Also it looks pretty middle class, overall.

In: On the train ride over, I noticed more graffiti on nearby buildings.  The layout here is two platform, three track setup for possible express service.  There are no walls on the platform so the view is quite good.  There is one green column in the middle of the platform supporting and a sloped roof.  The station has not been renovated recently, and the green paint is peeling.  The stairs up are made of wood, and the platform and mezzanine have concrete floors.  Here I got a photo of an Orthodox guy and a Bangladeshi woman on the same bench in the station (see photo), which gives an indication of the neighborhood makeup.