Monday, March 2, 2009

D Train - Tremont Ave. (Day 2, stop #59)

Out:  The intersection here is a pretty large one, with a decent amount of traffic.  There are a good number of red brick tenements, along with a steep-pitched roof building and another flatiron-style apartment (see sketch).  

Given the size of the intersection, there are surprisingly few commercial establishments.  There is a bright blue daycare center at the intersection.  The people are still mostly Puerto Rican.

In: 2 platform, 3 track layout with express access from both platforms.  The wall tiling here is newer than preceding stations.  The color scheme here has now changed to burgundy; there is a burgundy tile stripe down the wall and burgundy metal columns by the platform edge.  On the mezzanine level there is an elaborate tile mural depicting a tenement and the views out the windows of many street scenes, laundry, and kites flying.