Monday, March 2, 2009

D Train - 182-183 Sts. (Day 2, stop #60)

Out:  At the intersection of 182nd and Grand Concourse, there is now more of a commercial stretch with more stores.  Here there is a deli, a liquor store, a Caridad Restaurant (maybe it’s more Dominican around here?), a dentist, Popeye’s, Botanica Guadalupe and hair braiding, among others.  There are also more black people around here than farther south on the concourse.  Perhaps this is closer to some of the African neighborhoods in the Bronx, but it’s not clear.

In:  2 plat, 3 track layout with express bypass.  The color scheme is burgundy and dark green, with mosaic tile station name on dark green background with burgundy borders.  There is also a burgundy tile stripe along the walls.  The white tiling on the walls is quite dirty and falling off in a few places.  The mezzanine level is long and wide with a number of exits.  Surprisingly, I saw here an South Asian woman in a salwar-kameez waiting for the train.