Monday, March 2, 2009

D Train - Fordham Rd. (Day 2, stop #61)

Out:  This is a major intersection with lots of commercial activity and a number of chain stores.  There’s a Levitz, Staples, Children’s Place, P.C. Richards, and many others.  There is an gray building that is CUNY campus “on the concourse” as well as an Army recruiting station in the median of Grand Concourse.  Closer to 188th St., there is an old, elaborate looking movie house: Loew’s Paradise Theatre (see sketch).  

The people around are still mostly Hispanic, but a decent number of blacks as well.

In:  The layout here is like Tremont Rd., with 3 track, 2 plat, express track access from both platforms.  The color scheme is now purple, with purple tile stripes on the wall and blueish square columns by the platform edges.  There are mosaic tile station names in the blocky IND style on a purple background.