Monday, March 2, 2009

D Train - Kingsbridge Rd. (Day 2, stop #62)

Out:  Mostly tenements for housing and a decent amount of smaller commercial establishments.  From this intersection I can see over the armory (see sketch) and an old Emigrant Savings Bank building.  The view of the armory is interrupted by the elevated 4 train a couple blocks to the west.  There is also a small church about a block away as well as a high school on the corner.

In:  3 track, 2 plat layout with access to express train from both platforms.  There is a blue color scheme, with a blue tile stripe on the wall and “Kingsbridge Rd.” on small black tiles in the IND style.  The station is in good shape, with decent lighting and is fairly clean.  To exit, one must go downstairs first, then walk a long tunnel to the exit stairway.