Monday, March 2, 2009

D Train - 174-175 St. (Day 2, stop #58)

Out:  The exit here is directly above an overpass.  A sign posted warns this is a “Graffiti Crime Watch Area”, whatever that is.  There aren’t too many people, as this part of the concourse is very residential without much commercial activity.  The people around still seem quite Puerto Rican for the most part.  There is an old building with white stone façade that says “Bell Telephone” (see sketch) right by the exit as well.  

On 175th there is also an old, well-maintained school building.

In:  the color scheme is still the black & gold theme from the previous stations, but now the white tiling on the wall is the typical square, white type.  There are mosaic station names with “174th-175th St.  There is a closed off underpass to the other side.  There is tiling on the mezzanine with a guide to the exit saying “west side of concourse”.  The layout is still 3 track, 2 plat with express bypass.