Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D Train - 9 Ave. (Day 5, stop #225)

Out:  This intersection of 9 Av. and New Utrecht Ave. is pretty minor, and the main feature is that it overlooks some type of train yards right here.  The neighborhood here is pretty much all Hispanic with some black, and I don’t see any Orthodox any more.  Greenwood Cemetery is ~1 block away, as well as a more commercial strip.  

The housing in the area seems to be mostly row houses with some small apartment buildings. There is a sweet food cart here but unfortunately I'm not hungry at the moment.

In:  The station house itself is well-maintained on the exterior.

The track here is at slightly below street level, and I need to walk up to exit.  The station house is small and it smells bad; but it probably was pretty nice at some point in the past.  The layout is two platform, three track with express track access.  There are green metal columns on the platform supporting a peaked roof.