Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D/N Trains - 36 St. (Day 5, stop #226)

Out:  This part of Sunset Park is definitely very Hispanic, with comida criolla, a deli, and check cashing spot (I didn’t see that in Borough Park).  There are still a couple of Asians around, though.  

The buildings nearby are mostly row houses, with some variety in styles.  There is an open lot filled with plants next to the stop, so it gives the immediate surroundings a more open feel.

In:  This station is now back underground.  The layout is one platform, with two tracks with local and express access (there is also a downtown track with the same layout, separated by a wall).  The walls are covered with white tiles, the floor is grey tiled, and there is mosaic tiling at the top border of the wall in brown and green.  It’s hard to read the tiling as the lighting is pretty dim.  There are yellow metal columns by the platform edge.  Some of the white tiles look pretty new, but many others are old and stained.  The back of the platform, however, has a higher ceiling and is better lit.  On the mezzanine there are some interesting murals of subway riders and workers.