Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D Train - Ft. Hamilton Parkway (Day 5, stop #224)

Out:  There is also lots of graffiti outside the station as well, and the streets look dirtier.  The neighborhood still has some Orthodox around, but definitely more black people here than previous stops, and still a few Asians as well as some Hispanic.  There is a martial arts place and a Curves work out spot near the stop, along with a deli.  

The houses/apartments are not in as good shape as in the other neighborhoods.  

This high school was pretty impressive, though.  

In:  Station looks pretty bad, with paint peeling severely in many places.  The exit to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy is closed, so I exit at 45 St. & New Utrecht Ave.  There’s lots of graffiti near the exit.  The mezzanine is concrete-floored, and the station house has ugly yellow tiles with lots of stains.