Monday, March 2, 2009

D Train - 205 St.-Norwood (Day 2, stop #64)

Out:  More white people here than at previous stops along Grand Concourse.  There is also a woman in a hijab, indicating a somewhat mixed neighborhood.  On 206 St. and Bainbridge Ave., it’s quite quiet.  There are a North Fork and Chase Bank.  At this point, there are more stores open (it’s 9:43 a.m.) than at previous stops on Grand Concourse.  There is also a decent amount of Mexican establishments.  I go to see Dad’s old apartment building, at 2603 Hull Ave.  I have never been up there before so it's pretty interesting to see this piece of my past (so to speak).

Walking away from the train stop, the streets are nice with plenty of shade trees.  There are also a number of 2 story, single family homes.  See a couple of South Asian guys as well as Eastern European presence; this is evidenced even more by the Albanian flag posted outside of Dad’s old building.  Interestingly, it seems that this flag is directly outside his old apartment.

In:  Only 1 platform with access to 2 tracks here at the end of the D line.  There is a mix of sea green and dark green tiling inside and the station is quite dirty.  There are two exits to the street, one of which is down a long tunnel.