Monday, March 2, 2009

D Train - 155 St. (Day 2, stop #54)

Out:  There are a number of trees at this exit, as the entrance is right outside a large complex of projects.  The people here are a mix of black and Hispanic on the border of Washington Heights and Harlem.  There is a small playground right next to the entrance to the train, but it’s a little early for kids to be out playing yet.  Not too much else around here, feels kind of desolate.  Overhead a couple blocks away is a bridge crossing to the Bronx.  For some reason, some smell in the air here reminds me of India; not sure what it is.

In:  3 track, 2 plat layout with express bypass.  The mosaic tiling has a purple and orange color scheme, with “155 St.-8th Ave” in large block lettering.  There are orange square columns by the platform edge.  The station is fairly dirty and dimly lit.  There is a broad mezzanine with a very large exitway, four staircases wide.