Monday, March 2, 2009

D Train - 161 St.-Yankee Stadium (Day 2, stop #55)

Out:  The exit here is directly underneath the elevated 4 train, so this dominates the intersection to some degree.  There is also a McDonald’s here along with its PlayPlace right on the corner on a small brick plaza.  The back side of Yankee Stadium is visible (see sketch) as well as a view across the Harlem River back to Manhattan.  

There are a couple of large buildings around (perhaps municipal?) but most of the buildings are low-slung.  There are a few smallish commercial outlets on River Ave.

In:  There is a purple/black & gold color scheme here, and the mosaic station names say “161 St.-River Ave.”.  There is also a gold tile stripe along the wall and some more areas of yellow wall tiling. The station is clean and well lit, with strange tile chairs built into the walls of the platform.  Upstairs there is a bunch of artwork done by little kids as well as exposed granite bricks.  The layout is 3 track, 2 platform.